We love mid-century modern architecture

As custodians of a mid-century modern house we keep a rather keen eye on the market. With no agenda, we just hand select beautiful mid-century modern houses that we love and that are currently listed for sale.

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John Baird

The Gluyas House designed by renowned local architect John Baird in 1965

Beaumaris, VIC, Australia

The family commissioned Baird to design a home that connected to the site’s natural surroundings. It represents a unique opportunity to own an original and timeless John Baird designed house.

It has been in the Gluyas family since 1965 and now awaits to secure the next custodians who will continue to respect the thoughtful design that John Baird designed all those years back but the house remains as relevant today as it did when built.


KILLARA, NSW, Australia

Architect: Sydney Ancher

Maytone Avenue, Killara is a true mid-century modern enclave. In 1945 Ancher won the Sulman Award for his own house, Poyntzfield. It too was located in Maytone Avenue.

This enclave of modern case study houses is significant as a demonstration of how modern International Style architecture in Australia was adapted and designed using the capacities of local post-war construction.

-Australian Institute of Architects - Nationally Significant 20th-Century Architecture

2 Maytone Avenue was photographed by Max Dupain and you can view his architectural photography here.


PYMBLE, NSW, Australia

For Sale through McGrath Pymble



In selecting houses for Mid-Century Real Estate we preference architectural photography and copy that supports provenance. We are less thrilled to read about potential development opportunities. Although Natalie holds a current real estate license in the state of NSW she prefers spending her days at The Mid-Century Store.

We believe in and engage in respectful editorial.

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