Architecture According To Pigeons

Architecture According To Pigeons


This is a super fun book. I’ve almost endeared myself to Pigeons now. A wonderful introduction to architecture. For ages 7 and up.

It features beautiful artworks and collages by award-winning artist, Natsko Seki. Architecture According to Pigeons is Speck Lee Tailfeather's first book to be published!

In a bid to improve ever worsening relations between our two species, pigeon elder Speck Lee Tailfeather has been elected by his peers to reveal to human beings the truth about pigeons’ finer sensibilities. Far from the perceived pests who plague our buildings - pigeons are in fact great admirers and aficionados of architecture. It is of course for this reason that they can be found in great numbers around the most beautiful and significant buildings in the world.

Profiles more than 40 of the best-loved structures in the world, such as The Colosseum, The Taj Mahal, Brasilia and its public buildings or Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and of course Hungry Beaks Hall (a.k.a The Sydney Opera House!)


32cm x 25cm 

64 pages

32 colour illustrations

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